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  • bath kneeler for tub
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Blue Whale Bath Kneeler For Bathtub - Model #0335


Bring both fun and comfort to bath time with the Regalo Blue Whale Bath Kneeler!
As you kneel over the tub to scrub your little one the kneeler helps save your knees, making bath time more comfortable.
The thick foam padding folds in half, offering even more protection from the hard ground. When bath time is over, simply use the hook to hang the pad until it’s needed again!
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  • Color: Blue
  • 31” long
  • Machine washable
  • Hangs to dry
  • Folds in half for extra thickness

Sturdy Construction, Easy to Use

Designed to save your knees during your little one’s bath time, the Regalo Blue Whale Bath Kneeler is equipped with thick foam and padding to provide long lasting comfort as your child spends time splashing around in the tub. At 31” long the kneeler provides extra coverage and allows you to move back and forth without having to move the pad. The kneeler folds in half for extra comfort and easy storage.

The Regalo Blue Whale Bath Kneeler is built with durability and ease in mind, because we all know bath time can get a little wild. Although mold and mildew resistant, if the liner does get wet just remove and throw it in the washer. Straps on both sides of the kneeler, provide an easy way to hang and store.

What’s Included in The Box

  • One Regalo Blue Whale Bath Kneeler
  • Instruction Manual

The Regalo Blue Whale Bath Kneeler is backed by a manufacturer’s limited 90-day warranty. 

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  1. Wish I knew this type of product existed earlier

    Posted by Tanya B. on Apr 18th 2017

    Love this product. Totally saved my knees. Bath time is much more fun for me now! I also like the Velcro straps on the ends that help me easily hang it on to towel rack to dry after use. My son splashes a lot during bath time :-)

  2. Love this mat!

    Posted by Kristen Mauldin on Apr 17th 2017

    I have a very active 1 year old and had been bathing with him because it was so uncomfortable kneeling next to the tub. As you can imagine, this wasn't always convenient so I was very excited to give this mat a try. I did not notice any smell that the other reviewers mentioned and was very pleased with the overall quality of this item. It is very thick and comfortable and the size is super helpful with a kid like mine who definitely doesn't stay in one place. I love that I can fold it up and hang it out of the way in between uses. This has definitely changed bath time for us!

  3. I wish I had one with kid #1!

    Posted by Casey P. on Apr 14th 2017

    We received this product free of charge for our honest review.
    When we received this bath kneeler, the off gassing of the foam made it impossible to use in a closed room around children. We hung it up in our garage for a week, and the smell had dissipated enough for it to be used. Once we actually started to use it though, it quickly became indispensable! We have three busy kids four and under, so bath time can be a zoo. This bath kneeler not only gave our tired knees some much needed padding, but also kept our knees dry from the unavoidable splashes that came spilling over the edge of the tub. My favorite use for it, however, was discovered while cleaning. It makes a comfy and useful knee pad for scrubbing the bathroom floor!
    I had a similar product on my baby registry with each kid, but never had one until now. I won’t be going back to the old way, and wish I would have had this years ago.
    Hangs dry, washable cover, multi purpose, long enough.
    Terrible off gassing, needs a week to air out before useable.

  4. Saves your knees!!

    Posted by Elizabeth Scheiner on Apr 14th 2017

    I received this bath kneeler to review. I have used it for a couple days now and actually really like it! Previously I just knelt on the bath rug that is in front of the tub and had a rolled up towel there to catch splashes. Now I can use this to kneel on and it is SO comfy!! I have bad knees and with this I'm able to kneel for a longer period of time and have no pain afterwards. I like that it can get wet and doesn't get gross. It catches splashes very well so no need for the rolled up towel anymore. It has a velcro loop on each end of it so you can unvelcro and hang it on a towel bar to dry in between baths. So it's out of the way and takes up zero space in the bathroom which is key for me since we have a small bathroom and 3 kids! I love this bath kneeler and would definitely recommend it to anyone looking on saving their knees during bath time.

  5. No more sore knees for this triplet mama!

    Posted by LeeAnn Bridges on Apr 14th 2017

    I am a mother of triplets so, as you can imagine, three times the bathtime is pretty rough on this mama's knees! I started using the bath kneeler as soon as I received it, and it felt like Heaven to me! No more sore knees for this triplet mama!!

  6. Bathtime must-have!

    Posted by Natasha White on Apr 14th 2017

    I recieved this item for free in exchange for an honest review.

    I hate washing my kiddos in the bath. My back hurts when I bend over, my knees hurt if I kneel. This product is perfect! It covers a large area and is thick enough of a cushion to kneel on for awhile. I love the handles to hang it up. I do have concerns if it's going to get a musty smell in the long run (my kids splash a lot of water out of the tub) but am pretty sure that the ability to remove the cushion and hand wash the outside will take care of it! Also like the no skid bottom. 4 stars only because I don't know if it's going to stand the test of time. I'll probably update in 6 months or so.

  7. Perfect Knee-Saver for bathtime!

    Posted by Deanne Adams on Apr 14th 2017

    This bath kneeler is so comfy. I love how squishy and supportive it is. My knees are so happy that I started using this while bathing my under 4 crowd! The pad is also super durable and has a great waterproof fabric on the bottom that also adds some traction to keep it from sliding around while you're washing your little one. My favorite part about this pad is the velcro straps that allow me to hang it up on the towel bar on my shower door, when I'm not using it. I haven't had to wash mine yet, but I love that it's an option! I do wish it was a tad more affordable, but with the super nice quality of this pad, the price isn't unreasonable.

  8. Super comfy!

    Posted by Kali Miller on Apr 14th 2017

    Phew! Definitely has a pretty overpowering smell when you remove it from the packaging. It went away over time, thankfully.

    Used this for bathing my daughter. TONS better than what I had been doing - which was folding up an old towel and kneeling on that - or sitting sideways on the floor and awkwardly leaning over the edge of the tub. Not quite as effective as just having my husband give her a bath though...oh well.
    This was GREAT on my knees. I didn't feel the need to double it up at all - it was super comfortable when laid out flat. I did try doubling it up to see how that affected things. I think it just made me taller. It didn't affect the comfort level at all - positively or negatively. Maybe it would be useful if you are shorter or if you have a higher bathtub wall?

    Bonus about this is I'm able to use it while washing my dogs. I have two labs that LOVE to get dirty - so we have baths all the time at our house. And my knees are going to thank me for using this every time from now on.

    I haven't tried removing the cover for cleaning yet, but I am glad that there is that option. I'll try and update my review once I have done that and give me thoughts on that (ease of use, effectiveness, etc.).

    *I received this product in exchange for my honest review.*

  9. Thoughtful construction

    Posted by Dorothy C on Apr 13th 2017

    When I first took the mat out of the packaging, I was hit with an overwhelming odor which gradually dissipated over time. That said, I love the wider coverage! It is wide enough to cover the length of the tub. Compared to other bath kneelers, this coverage is ideal when bathing my wiggly toddler. There is no need to stop and reposition the mat. I also appreciate the option to remove the inside padding to clean the mat as well as the loops to hang the mat to dry. The loops are also a convenient way to store the mat. The mat is gentle on the knees, but I am curious to see if the foam will flatten out over time. Overall, I am very pleased with the mat and only wish it was available sooner when creating my baby registry!

  10. Comfortable and Well Made

    Posted by Jennifer S on Apr 12th 2017

    As a mom of 3 I wish I had gotten this sooner to save my knee's! I have limited bathroom space so the fact that I have the option to fold it in half was very valuable for my family however It would cover your entire tub length if needed! It has a handle/loop on the end which makes it easy to store on a hook . We hang it in the shower/tub itself for easy access and so its not in the way.

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