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  • Regalo Hook-On High Chair
  • Back view of the Regalo Hook-On High Chair
  • Under the table connectors for Regalo Hook-On High Chair
  • Twist tensioner on the Regalo Hook-On High Chair
  • Folded Regalo Hook-On High Chair

Hook-On High Chair - Green & Gray - Model #2882


If you’re sick of tracking down a high-chair or trying to make the car seat work when you’re on-the-go, take a look at the Regalo Easy Diner Portable High Chair.
When it’s time to feed your little one, the fold-and-go design of the Easy Diner makes meal time a breeze.
Holding children up to 37 pounds, this collapsible seat is the perfect choice for restaurants, apartments, traveling, or visiting friends and family.
Made of an all-steel construction, the versatile portable high chair is built with durability, safety, and convenience in mind.
The 5-point harness safety belt system and double-locking table security system not only ensure babies safety but also help in making their dining experience more comfortable.
Give your little one the opportunity to truly enjoy their meal as they sit at the table with the “big people”.
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  • Color: Green and Gray
  • Dimensions: 16” L x 20” H x 13” D
  • Weight: Children up to 37 lbs
  • Double-locking system for securing to table
  • Compact fold for easy storage/travel
  • Adjustable 5-point harness
  • Sturdy, all-metal frame 



Sturdy Construction, Quick Installation

With an all-steel construction, the Regalo Easy Diner Portable High Chair was made for the everyday use of a little one. Designed to handle children up to 37 pounds, the hook on high chair features a 5-point harness safety belt system that not only keeps your baby secure but also makes it comfortable to remain upright in the seat.

We’re parents too, so we know you don’t have much time to set up a high chair before complete baby melt down occurs. Our exclusive double-locking system easily secures the seat to the table. Just slide the seat to the desired location, push down on the back of the chair and lift the locking mechanism on both sides. For final touches, completely turn the locking knobs to secure the chair in place. It’s that simple.

Portable, Lightweight, Washable

When dining out or visiting friends and family, the collapsible nature of the Regalo Easy Diner Portable High Chair makes storage and travel effortless. The chair is equipped with an extra tall back support to enhance each dining experience. 

What’s Included In The Box

  • One Seat Support
  • U-Bar
  • Left Arm
  • Right Arm
  • Instruction Manual

The Regalo Easy Diner Portable High Chair is backed by a manufacturer’s limited 90-day warranty. This portable high chair has been certified by the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association (JPMA). It also meets the safety standards set by the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM).

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  1. Good space saving chair

    Posted by Alyssa S on Apr 23rd 2017

    I really like this chair. It is very compact but also very roomy and comfortable for the child. I love that it is small enough that it can stay in my car so I don't have to remember to grab it every time I leave the house. It is very easy to install and I love that I don't have to worry about using the chairs that restaurants supply and worrying about how clean they are. My little girl loves sitting in it and fits great. The straps tighten very well and actually fit. The other chairs I have tried don't tighten enough and my baby is loose in the seat. My one complaint is it was hard for me to find a table for it to fit on since a lot of tables in my area either have a lip on them or are single leg tables. I love the color of this chair as well. I would definitely recommend this chair to others. I also love that it can be attached next to me and not have to be at the end of the table like a traditional high chair. It makes it easier when dining out with multiple little ones

  2. Great easy to clean portable high chair!!

    Posted by Brittany Dawson on Apr 18th 2017

    This chair is awesome! I have a 9 month old little guy and he seems to like it just as much as we do. It is awesome having him right at the table with us! This material of the chair is nice, easy to wipe down, and comes clean very easily, which is great with messy little ones. Upon receiving the chair, it was very easy to put together and following the directions was a breeze. I thought the instructions to install the chair were pretty clear cut. When installing the chair, it is at quite a slant, but once pushing down on the back of the chair in order to get the chair to lock correctly, the chair is STURDY and DOES NOT MOVE! It was also very easy to put onto our kitchen table. It has a 5 point harness which makes it safe for wiggly little ones. My 9 month old seems to love it, as he is able to reach the table easily to eat. The portability of this chair is awesome as well. It is able to fold up pretty flat for easy carry into restaurants, etc. With summer coming soon, I can’t wait to be able to take it everywhere with us while traveling!
    I rated this char as 4 stars due to the fact of one of the fabric seams began to pull apart. It is still intact as we have been using it for about 2 weeks, but not sure if it may have been a positional issue with my child moving around quite a bit in it. The chair is able to support 37 pounds and my little guy is only 18.5 pounds. Other than that, this chair is GREAT!! I definitely recommend this chair to anyone with little ones!!

  3. Great price, and a big space saver. Easy to clean

    Posted by Jennifer Moore Sloan on Apr 17th 2017

    I received this product to review. The instructions were very easy to understand, and putting the seat together was easy and fast. However, I was disappointed that we couldn't use it with our dining room table, due to the lip of our pub style table. We read instructions very carefully, but it was extremely difficult to attach to our 2" countertops. My husband had to push very hard, but we were finally able to secure it. Once attached, it is very secure and doesn't move at all, even with my squirmy 6 month old. It is a little big for him, but I placed a blanket behind him to prop him up a little. And with the 5 point harness system, I am completely confident it will keep him safe. This item would be great for people with a small kitchen or apartment and don't want to waste space with a high chair. I am also looking forward to taking this on vacations, as it folds up easily and takes up very little room. So far it has been very easy to wipe clean (I have not washed it yet).
    The only reason I deducted 1 star was because it didn't fit our table, and was difficult for us to install on our counter.

  4. works in a pinch

    Posted by Chelsea Kokolus on Apr 14th 2017

    This chair is great for small spaces and guests. I did have some trouble installing it onto my table as we have a 3.5" vertical lip that frames the underside of our table and this got in the way. I was concerned about the fabric but it turned out to be easier to clean than I thought. One thing I didn't love was the gap that this chair creates between the front bar and the table. It caused quite the mess because of course food dropped right into this gap and onto the floor while eating. I also thought the bar on the back seemed too high. My 11 month old is 31" tall and it hits right on the back of his head and looks like he is leaning forward at an uncomfortable angle. I will keep this chair for guests and probably take it along on trips but don't plan on using it on a daily basis at home.

  5. Amazing Hook-On High Chair!

    Posted by Nikki Horne on Apr 14th 2017

    Our son absolutely loves this cool little chair. We did not have any trouble attaching it to any of the tables we tried, and he was able to sit comfortably throughout his meals. He is loving it and so are we!

  6. comfy and easy to use

    Posted by Anna Owen on Apr 13th 2017

    I received this product in exchange for my honest review. I would most definitely recommend this product. It's easy to use and comfortable for your small one. My 2 year old fits in it not problem. Great price and compact for on the go use.

  7. Blast From the Past- Clip On Highchair!

    Posted by Katisha See on Apr 11th 2017

    I was so excited to find a clip on high chair. I can still remember mine as a kid. The Regalo Easy Diner Portable High Chair is a great option for outdoor dining (attaching to a picnic table) or even bringing it along to your favorite restaurant. Just recently we were at a busy restaurant and all the high chairs were being used. This portable high chair would have saved us much heartache and stress. So many places we eat won't allow highchairs with booths (simply based on the foot traffic of the restaurant). Booths are our favorite and we can easily attach this chair on the inside of the booth table. No more restrictions on which tables/booths we can eat at!
    This chair was easy to put together and is very stable when attached to a table. The material is easy to clean although there are a lot of nooks and crannies. The removable cushion makes it easy for a simple wipe down after each use to keep this chair clean.
    Please keep in mind that this chair does not attach to every type of table. Our main dining room table has an overhang of about 2 inches and has a drop down towards the inner underside of the table where the leg portion attaches to the table top. Because of this center drop down, we were unable to attach this chair to our dining room table. The position of the overhang just simply wouldn’t allow the seat to be placed far enough onto the table so that we can click the arm bars into the place. Otherwise this is a very nice product. We will get lots of use out of this highchair when eating out and visiting family and friends.

  8. Nice comfy high chair

    Posted by Megan on Apr 8th 2017

    When I had my second baby I wanted a clip-on style high chair to avoid taking up so much room in our dining area. Our house has an open floor plan so bigger high chairs would just end up making it look cluttered. This high chair has been perfect for our needs. It is lightweight and pretty simple to figure out how to install; the hardest part was figuring out where the pieces slid onto the fabric cover, but once that's done it's easy-peasy. It seems extremely sturdy and I don't think it budges at all.

    My favorite part of this high chair is the fabric. It wipes clean so easily. I was worried about food ending up in every nook and cranny but that hasn't been an issue.

    The only trouble I've had is under the rubber grips where the high chair attaches to the table. Food can end up collecting there easily. I imagine this would be the case with pretty much any of this style high chair.

    My daughter seems pretty comfortable in it. Actually, I think she likes the position this puts her in better than your typical high chair. She has support but it's also plenty roomy. She also likes that she can reach the table easily; it feels like she is really part of our dinnertime.

  9. wouldnt latch

    Posted by raquel on Apr 4th 2017

    Wouldn't latch to any of the tables in my house or the island. Was able to use it. The material is really nice I would of loved to be able to use it. But unfortunately didn't work for me

  10. Good light chair

    Posted by annie88b on Apr 3rd 2017

    This high chair fits our needs well! It folds almost flat and is easy to install on a table. We like using it on our kitchen island so baby can watch while I make dinner. There is a 5-point harness and the chair is very sturdy. The fabric is soft and very lightweight. The chair also has a removable "cushion" that you could take out to wash after it gets messy (which...let's be honest, is inevitable). One note: it doesn't work on our table that has an apron since the locking mechanisms need to swing up to "lock" the chair in place and our table apron gets in the way of that. Overall very pleased.

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***Easy Diner Portable Hook-On Chair*** • Just right at home, when visiting family and friends, in restaurants or anywhere you need a quick and sturdy booster seat for your child. • Exclusive double locking system secures seat to table and eliminates the need to adjust attaching mechanism after every use. • Fully padded seat and high back provide comfort and support. • Complete security with adjustable 5-point safety belt. • Removable seat cushion for easy cleaning. • Sturdy and durable all-steel construction. • Sets up and folds down in seconds. Slip into carry case and you're ready to go. *Specifications* • 10" L x 14" W x 16" H • Navy • Intended for babies and toddlers up to 37 lbs. • 6.25 lbs. • Meets all ASTM Standards • Model #2662

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    ***Easy Diner Portable Hook-On Chair*** • Just right at home,...