10 Organizing Tips for New Moms

Even the thought of it is dreaded. Getting organized. It seems daunting, especially those first few months of motherhood. Trying to manage a crying baby, a level of sleep deprivation you didn’t know existed, and your mile long to do list seems impossible.

Just take a breath, we’re here to share 10 organizing tips from other moms who have devised some great methods for keeping themselves organized.

We know you don’t want to spend your entire weekend trying to restore order, so these easy organizational tips can be implemented in a relatively short period of time. It may require a quick trip to the store, but it will be worth it when you quickly become an organized super mama!

1. “Keep two baby stations to save you from unnecessary effort.” – Melissa J.

You’re going to be tired. Like really, really tired. If your babies room is on another level than your main living area, it is a great idea to have two baby changing stations.

Use a caddy or decorative basket to put diapers, wipes, cream, and any other accessories you use often when changing baby. It makes diaper changes quick and easy – saving you time and unnecessary effort.

2. “Spend 20 minutes planning and an hour grocery shopping on Sunday to plan your weekly menu.” – Jasmine B.

It’s hard to even think about cooking right away. Hopefully some friends and family have been generous and brought meals for the first few weeks. But when the free meals die down, one tip to keep you organized and feeling accomplished is to plan your meals for the week on Sunday.

Leave room for leftovers and take out – and keep it simple. Your meals don’t need to be winning any awards right now, they just need to keep you operating. Even if you’re eating the meal cold.

3. Wake up a little earlier and get yourself ready first. It’s hard to do, but so worth it.” – Carrie O.

This seems like a daunting task after only sleeping for a few hours, but try to set your alarm 45 minutes before baby usually wakes up. Get a shower in and real clothes on.

Although it sounds like a major feat, you will feel accomplished and ready for the day. To make it even easier, look at the weather and lay your clothes out for the entire week. It’s one less thing to think about, and that’s a good thing.

4. “Pick up a bath scoop and storage device for your bathroom, it will help so much during bath time!” - Amanda S.

As your baby grows, bath time will also become play time. And bath toys can become your arch nemesis. To keep them organized in your bathroom, use a bath scoop that can attach to the wall.

Then just dump out toys when it is time to play and scoop them right out of the tub and attach it all to the wall when bath time has ended.

See a scoop in action.


5. “Toy organization is a must. Use clear bins to keep toys in place and while allowing you to still see what’s inside.” Megan A.

To continue the theme - as your baby grows, so does their toy collection (the toys seem to grow faster). In order to keep your living area somewhat livable, use clear bins to organize toys.

Have multiple bins for different types of toys. You can use chalk paint on the bin so you can easily write and change the content as toys change. When your child gets older, have them help you put toys into the correct bin each night.

6. “Keep a trash can in the garage next to the driver’s door so you can throw things away as you exit your vehicle. This keeps your hands free for everything else you need to carry.” – Becca W.

One of the best organizing tips for all moms is to keep the car organized. With the plethora of snacks, bottles, diapers, and clothes that will start to take over your vehicle, keeping garbage at bay is a necessity.

Every time you exit the vehicle gather the trash that has accumulated and throw it away. This frees up your hands to carry the other 10 items that need to get in the house.

7. “Don’t hold on to ‘stuff’. Babies grow and change quickly, so keep bins handy and throw unwanted items or outgrown clothes into specific bins for a second child, donation or re-gifting.” – Rachel T.

Some of the best organizing tips are hard to hear. We know letting go of that super adorable newborn outfit is difficult. We get it.

But in order to stay organized as new clothes, blankets, and stuffed animals arrive, you need to be able to get rid of the outgrown or unused “stuff”.

Keep bins around to put these items in - whether that be storing it for child #2, donating, or a bin for items to give to another friend who may be pregnant. In the end, de-cluttering will make you feel better.

8. “Cleaning the house can seem like a daunting chore, so use cleaning caddies to organize supplies for each job and choose a day of the week to do each cleaning task.” - Abby

In order to make the task of cleaning the house seem possible, use caddies to separate supplies for each cleaning task. So a caddy for cleaning the bathroom, a caddy for dusting the house, and a caddy for cleaning the kitchen.

Then break out tasks into a day of the week. So every Monday is vacuuming day and Tuesday is bathrooms. It will make you feel accomplished each day and the house will continue to get clean.

9. “Laundry may just be the worst task. To make it a little easier, do one load of laundry every day. A complete load folded and put away.” – Shaunna B.

Laundry sucks. There – we said it. And with a new baby, it piles up fast. Their clothes may be little but they go through a lot of them.

To keep the laundry pile in control, do a full load of laundry every day. If you’re still at home with baby, load it in the morning and throw it in the dryer during babies first nap. During an afternoon nap, take the 10 minutes to fold and put it all away.

If you’re working, throw it in right when you wake up (even before coffee), as you are ready to walk out the door put it in the dryer.

After baby crashes for the evening, and before you crash, fold and put the load away. We can nearly guarantee there will be another load waiting for you in the morning.

10. “If you don’t have any down time, you will lose your mind, so gift yourself a free hour a couple days a week - put it in a calendar and stick to it.” Katelyn M.

As hard as it may be to break away from your sweet baby, you need some “me” time. You need it to relax, to rejuvenate, and to catch up on life on the “outside.” Take an hour to do something you enjoy and let your significant other or a family member care for baby.

We promise it will be helpful. We hope these 10 organizing tips will make your life a little easier and help you keep your sanity as you navigate the waters of being a new mom.

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