Gate Selector

Knowing what kind of gate you need, where to put it, and what your dimensions are without making multiple trips to the store is simple with Regalo Baby. We’re leaders in the safety gate space. Let us help you find a gate that works best for you, your family, and your home. Take this simple quiz to find out which gate is right for you.

1. Where do you need a gate?


2. What material(s) do you want your gate to be?


3. How WIDE is the space that you need a gate for?

Please choose a width between 23" and 192"


4. Does your gate need to have a minimum HEIGHT?

(Maximum height is 41". Leave blank if you don't have a preference.)

What Customers are Saying

“This gate works wonders for us! Very easy to setup and can fit most all doorways. Latch is easy to use one-handed. Perfect gate for babies and little dogs!”

— Amber D

“Got the gate for the top of our stairs to keep our baby safe and it’s great! Easy to open and close and it isn’t an eye sore. Thankful for this!”

— Rebecca C.

“This is an awesome product. It’s so secure that toddlers cannot open it, yet it’s easy for adults.”

— Dave

“There aren’t enough good words to describe this gate. I shopped for a while and read through reviews to make sure I wouldn’t regret. This is perfect, adjustable, easy to install and easy to use, very satisfied.”

— Liaz

“Perfect gate for toddlers!! I’ve been searching endlessly for a gate my 16-month-old can’t knock down or escape from & this one is it! Very easy and quick to assemble. I highly recommend it!”

— Kristopher A.