17 Incredible Facts about Babies

Babies are amazing! We are in awe of how much they learn and grow. We're also amazed at how much work they are! We researched and found 17 facts about babies that will leave you inspired (and perhaps patting yourself on the back):

1.  That's nearly 6,000 hours. Perhaps you can share the load and teach your child from an early age to help with the house chores.

2. We could have sworn our toddlers asked for our attention at least 400 times a day . . .

3. We're putting things into perspective with this factoid. Make every weekend count.

4. To put it in perspective, that means we spend three work-weeks a year changing diapers. Whew.

5. The most common place for a stork bite is on the back of the neck. They are referred to as "angel kisses" if it appears between the eyebrows.

6. Every. Three. Seconds. That's a whole lot of labor pains. We salute you mamas.

7. Babies' bones fuse as they grow older, resulting in fewer bones later on. Newborns don't even have kneecaps—the cartilage hardens and turns into hard bone between ages 3–5.

8. By age 1, most babies eyes have their permanent color, although some children change eye color up to age 6!

9. It's okay if you skip out on the gym, you're working out while sitting!

10. Calling all parents to hide those legos and marbles. Those small pieces usually get stuck in unfortunate places.

11. Newborn pictures are always extra special when there's a tooth to show.

12. Music is a great way to bond with your child as you sway back and forth to your favorite lullabies.

13. Whoa. A mother and child's bond really does go deep. An Israeli university found that when a mom and newborn faced and looked each other in the eye, their heart rates coordinated in seconds!

14. We especially miss these days once our baby becomes a walking toddler.

15. Don't worry if your baby didn't come out with a full head of hair. Babies grow their hair at different rates.

16. The average weight of a newborn boy is 7 lbs. 10 oz. while a newborn girl is 7 lbs. 2 oz.

17.  A baby's brain more than doubles in size by the time they are 5.

Babies are truly miracles in our lives. We hope you learned a few facts about babies to share with your friends!

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