3 Adorable Ideas When Making Pancakes for Kids

Breakfast with kids, it can be a struggle. The next time you find yourself making pancakes for your child, and you actually want them to eat their breakfast, get creative.

We have an extremely picky eater at our house and completely understand the battle that is meal time. I swear, we have heard nearly every excuse out there for why she is just unable to consume her meal.

Sometimes it is just a food rut, but for other kids, like ours, it is a long-term pickiness. Dressing up an ordinary meal to be more visually appealing can sometimes do the trick.

Transforming an ordinary pancake into a lion, may just be the spark that gets your children to eat their breakfast. We try to do this often, and most recently, we made 3 unique pancakes. The best news: our daughter devoured her breakfast.

The Sunshine Pancake

This sunshine masterpiece certainly brightens up the grind of making pancakes. Plus, it has plenty of healthy options for your kiddo to chow down on.

[ultimate-recipe id="714" template="default"]

The Lion Pancake

This is a super cute way to liven up an ordinary pancake. The lion is playful and fun, yet surrounded with healthy options for your child to enjoy.

[ultimate-recipe id="726" template="default"]

The Jack-O-Lantern Pancake

We hope these three pancake ideas help your kiddo eat, and inspire you make your own creative food masterpieces. Let us know in the comments what your go-to meal is that your child will eat.

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