4 Guilt-Free Reasons to Use a Baby Gate

I know, I know, you might feel like you’re putting your infant in baby jail, but there are several very valid reasons to use a baby gate – without guilt!

As moms, we hear all the clammer from the internet about letting baby explore. But we have found that a yes space (area that is baby proofed that baby CAN explore), is far more rewarding for baby and parents than following them around taking every little thing out of their mouth.

1. Safety

Let’s be honest – it does NOT take long for a mobile infant to get into something he’s not supposed to. Babies are deceptively fast, and constantly growing and learning new things. Your baby might be able to figure out how to do something new before you even know about it! Similarly, even the best moms turn away for a split second – to answer a phone call, take a burning pan off the stove, or tend to another child. And that’s all it takes for your baby to be in a dangerous spot.

Using baby gates to keep your child in a safe place or out of a dangerous one does more than just give you peace of mind – it keeps your baby safe! Baby gates can be effectively used in doorways, around a fireplace, and on staircases!

plastic play yard for kids

Photo Credit: @jemarqueshogue

2. Pets

If you have pets, you definitely want to use a baby gate in your home. Even the gentlest animals can unintentionally injure a small child. Not only is it not a good idea to leave pets and infants together unattended, but you also want to keep your child out of your pets’ food bowls, water bowls, and/or litter boxes! Baby gates let you do both: two birds, one stone.

3. Peace of Mind – both for you and your infant

Peace of mind is no small thing. Knowing your baby is contained in a safe place allows you to not constantly panic over where your infant is or what they are touching. Also, keeping your child contained allows him a smaller space to focus on, too! It’s easy to forget how big the world looks to young children - having a smaller space offers them some psychological peace too.

gated play space for kids

Photo Credit: @alexon.i

4. Creation of a Play Space

Whether you use a super wide gate to cordon off part of your living space, or use a gate to make a freestanding play area it’s easy to create a safe space for your baby to play! With the right toys inside the gate, and rotated often, your baby can be safely entertained for quite some time. Added bonus: toys stay contained too! No more tripping over them as you pass through the room.

You’re not going to need baby gates forever, but when your little one is young and growing rapidly, they really are the best way to protect your child. Accidents happen – no matter how closely you’re watching – so it’s important to do everything in your power to avoid them.

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