5 Ways to Make Your Home More Environmentally Friendly

With Earth Day coming up, our family is talking about ways we can help preserve our environment! It is important to me that I raise children who are good stewards of their resources, and who respect the world in which we live. As a busy mom, though, it’s sometimes difficult to choose environmentally friendly over convenient!

Here are 5 things that we’ve found easy to implement that have helped our family reduce our carbon footprint! *None of these are affiliate links, and I do not receive any compensation for these recommendations.

1. Change up your lunch packaging!

I don’t know about your kids, but mine flat-out refuse to eat school lunches. That means with 3 kiddos, I’m packing 3 lunches daily. That’s a LOT of waste if I’m not careful. We have completely eliminated single-use plastic bags (ziplocs) from our lunches, replacing them with a few main staples: Bento boxes, these compostable paper sandwich bags, and these reusable bags that are available in multiple sizes and colors. We also make sure to use reusable lunchboxes and water bottles – no paper bags or plastic bottles here!

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2. Reconsider your cleaning products

There are SO many different options here, that really aren’t too challenging to implement. All-natural, plant-derived products are far better for the environment AND your family’s health!

Cleaners I have used that are eco-friendly and low in toxins/chemicals: 

3. Reuse and Recycle

I know, I know – you’ve been hearing this for years. But think beyond plastic bottles, aluminum cans, and paper products. What about your kiddos’ clothes, toys, and baby products? The environmental impact of making clothing is astronomical, and a lot of those clothes just end up in the landfills. Kids grow SO fast anyway, consider embracing secondhand clothing! And it’s easier on your wallet, too. 

Places we have found great secondhand clothing:

  • Once Upon a Child
  • Just Between Friends
  • Rhea Lana's

Unsure what to do with your kids’ clothes that aren’t in good shape? H&M has a clothing/textiles recycling program!  Take your stained and holy clothes in to recycle and get a discount coupon for your next purchase!

Patagonia does something similar – they will take back your used, clean Patagonia wear to recycle and/or resell. Likewise, you can buy used Patagonia clothing from them at a cheaper price!

Same thing with toys, books, and baby products! Buying used dramatically reduces your carbon footprint! Whether you buy from a friend, a thrift/garage sale, or Facebook Marketplace, you are helping the earth every time. When you’re done with them, you can resell them or find a place to donate them, keeping them out of the landfill.

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4. When eating out, consider bringing some of your own products!

We purchased packs of stainless steel and silicone straws, and keep them in strategically placed cases – the car, my purse, etc. It has helped SO much in avoiding single-use straws. I do the same thing with Starbucks – bring my own travel mug (when it is allowed by the store).

5. Teach your kids about their energy usage at home

I promise – they can be taught to use their (and your!) resources wisely. Turning off lights, unplugging phones and devices, taking short showers, and keeping water off while brushing teeth are all valuable ways to conserve resources. Understanding the impact on the earth has helped my kids stay motivated to take care with our water and electricity.

What other actions does your family take to be more eco-conscious?

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