6 DIY Ideas to Make Bath Time Fun for Babies

Bath time is a perfect time for you to bond with your baby—especially after a long chaotic day, you can relax and have some one-on-one time with your child. There are some babies who detest bath time, while other babies protest coming out until the very last drop of water has drained.

Depending on your baby’s attitude toward bath time, you may want to try some of these ideas to make bath time fun for your baby. Plus, it extends the length of the bath, giving you time to properly clean your little one!

1.   Paint with Shaving Cream

So, simple, yet your little one will be ecstatic to have a place to decorate the walls surrounding her. Use a muffin tin with shaving cream in each tin, add some washable paint, and mix.

2.   Blowing Bubbles in the Bath

It is a simple activity, but your baby will be mesmerized as he sees the floating bubbles. Reaching out to pop them will produce giggles and lots of play. Plus, the bath easily accommodates bubble spills if there is a spill.

3.   Play Bath Time Music

Make a bath time playlist on your phone, and sing along as your child listens and learns. If you’re looking for some good ideas for songs to add to your playlist, click here.

4.   Do-It-Yourself Bathtub Crayons

Glycerin (an ingredient in soap making, can be found at a craft store) and food coloring make the perfect combination to form and mold crayons. You can use an ice cube tray or get more creative and find a variety of cute molds. We have found the bathtub crayons to provide a lot of bath time fun for our little girl.

5.   Go Fishing!

This ingenious bath time activity will have your emerging toddler occupied while improving his fine motor skills. You can find bath fishing sets here or here. 6.   Floating Toys in Ice Cubes The kerplunk of frozen sea creatures will occupy your child’s attention as they grab for the floating toys. Eventually, the ice will completely melt and you can have a parade of sea creatures during bath time. We found this to be a quite the adventure for our little one - she loved trying to catch the floating ice/sea creatures.

Keep in mind babies do best in a bathtub when the room temperature is 75–80 degrees Fahrenheit. These ideas to make bath time fun for babies will help your child enjoy their bath  - while getting them squeaky clean.

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