7 Ways to Use Coconut Oil on Your Baby

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Are you on the coconut oil bandwagon yet?? No? Ok, hear me out.Coconut oil has so many potential benefits – both for babies and kids, as well as adults. As with anything, though, it’s always a good idea to consult your pediatrician before trying anything new on your baby’s skin. Likewise, make sure to only apply a small amount on one area of your baby’s skin to ensure that your little one doesn’t have an allergic reaction.

Here are the Top 7 ways I used coconut oil on my infants (and why it works!):

1. Diaper Rash – Most babies suffer from diaper rash at one time or another, and it is painful! In addition to frequent diaper changes and “airing out” your baby’s bottom, coconut oil can be very soothing on that sore skin! Coconut oil has anti-fungal properties, and it is highly moisturizing. This combo makes it a great choice for diaper rash!

coconut oil on baby

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2. Cradle Cap – While many infants get cradle cap at some point or another, my youngest had it terribly. It seemed to stretch from his scalp all the way down his forehead, and we could NOT figure out how to help him. Enter: coconut oil. We rubbed it on the flaky parts of his skin and left it alone for 15-20 minutes (pro tip: be careful what clothes you and he are wearing – coconut oil stains are hard to get out!). Then we gently brushed his scalp with a soft baby brush until flakes were falling off. Once done brushing, you can wash off the coconut oil with lukewarm water. Again, the anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties of coconut oil are what makes it useful!

3. Baby Acne – The antibacterial properties of coconut oil can also help treat baby acne, by killing acne-causing bacteria and soothing the skin. Some suggest that the lauric acid in coconut oil (a saturated fat) also helps prevent scarring from existing breakouts.

4. Infant Massage – If you’re already practicing infant massage on your little one, add some coconut oil into your routine! Massage is a great way to both build connection with your infant, as well as to soothe and de-stress her, or just calm her down before bedtime! Think of how amazing you feel after a massage – it’s the same for your baby! Coconut oil is full of vitamins and healthy fats, making it naturally easy to absorb into the skin.

5. Insect bites – Since your infant can’t tell you, it’s hard to know whether the things you put on their skin offers them any itch relief! My big kids, however, swear that coconut oil helps stop the itching of their insect bites. It makes sense, given the anti-inflammatory qualities of coconut oil, so it’s definitely worth trying!

6. Teething – Coconut oil’s anti-inflammatory properties can also be helpful in soothing sore gums. Simply massage a small amount on your baby’s sore gums. One thing I wish I

knew about infancy? Teething goes on for months. Years even. Anything to survive those long days and nights.

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7. Body Wash – This last one is actually not something I ever tried! Another mama recommended making my own kids’ body wash using a combination of equal parts coconut oil and castor oil. Both cleansing and moisturizing, this combination can apparently do wonders for your kids’ skin. This sweet mama friend who recommended it is pretty amazing – she makes all her own cleaning supplies, too. Me on the other hand? I’m usually just trying to wrangle my kids into the tub without flooding the bathroom. I’d love to make my own products someday; I just cannot fathom how it gets done.

There you have it! As a mom, I avoid chemicals as much as I possibly can, and coconut oil has been a great substitute for us! Again, though, please do consult with your pediatrician prior to using, and always purchase the best quality coconut oil you can find. (Typically, organic virgin coconut oil is the best you can find!)

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