8 Healthy Holiday Treats for Children

Getting kids excited about eating fruits and veggies can be especially difficult during the holidays with sugary treats at every corner. But not all holiday treats for children, need to provide a sugar rush.

When introducing a new food routine, it helps to get the kids involved and have their helping hands in the kitchen. Plus, you will be making special holiday memories!

From strawberry Santa’s to a Christmas tree vegetable platter, you can retrain your kid's’ taste buds to enjoy these festive healthy holiday treats without all the processed sugars.

1. Strawberry Santa’s

Only three ingredients to make these mini Santa’s! The combination of vanilla and strawberry is sure to make everyone happy!

Directions on how to make the Strawberry Santa’s


 2. Grinch Fruit Kabobs

Your kids will gravitate toward these fun and healthy fruit kabobs. Three different fruits and a mini marshmallow to top it off!

Directions for how to make Grinch Kabobs


3. Clementine Reindeer

These adorably decorated clementine’s make perfect placeholders at the kids’ Christmas table, and we’re pretty sure your kids will be inclined to sing “Rudolph, the Red-Nosed Reindeer” at the top of their lungs.

Directions on how to make a Clementine Reindeer


4. Veggie Train

This elaborate display of veggies will be ready in 10 minutes and is an enticing way to get your children to chew their veggies.

Directions on how to make a Veggie Train


5. Babybel Santa’s

Simple, yet perfectly adorning. Santa’s belt will be instantly recognized and easily packed as an on-the-go snack.

Directions to make Babybel Santa’s


6. String Cheese Snowmen

Pack some protein with this adorably decorated string cheese. So many holiday snacks contain sugar, but try this alternative to put a smile on your child’s face!

Directions on how to make String Cheese Snowmen


7. Christmas Tree Cheese Platter

A festive cheese platter is a perfect way to offer healthy appetizers. All the ingredients can be easily cut up beforehand until ready to serve.

Directions on how to make Christmas Tree Cheese Platter


8. Christmas Tree Vegetable Platter

Even the pickiest eater will find something to eat from this wide variety of vegetables. It’s easy to assemble into the shape of a Christmas tree and helping hands will love placing the “ornaments” on the tree.

Directions on how to make a Christmas Tree Vegetable Platter


As we spend time with family and friends eating and being merry, it is important to provide healthy holiday treats for children.

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