Baby Exercises for Your Newborn to Two-Year-Old

If you’ve recently given birth to a baby, perhaps the thought crossed your mind to get back in the exercise routine. You may not know that your infant can also benefit from exercise.

Movement for Newborn–6 Months

Dr. Kimberly G. Lee notes that during these early months, “Breathing, sucking, and swallowing all at once is exercise.” There’s no need for rigorous exercise, but your baby can begin gentle movements once her neck muscles develop in the first few months.

Tummy Time

  • Around 1 month, pediatricians recommend starting the dreaded “tummy time.” At first, aim for 3–5 minute session two to three times a day. Your child will slowly develop vital neck and stomach muscles.


  • While your baby is supine (lying on back), gently move your baby’s legs in a bicycle movement. As you smoothly move one leg in the direction toward their chest, the other leg is stretched out.

Head Elevation

  • Hold your baby in a vertical position to your shoulder. Allow your baby to elevate her head for a small amount of time while properly supporting the baby along her back.

Strengthening Exercises for 6–12 Months

During this time, your baby’s mobility really takes off as she rolls over and begins crawling.

Sitting Up

  • While your baby is laying on her back, gently pull her forearms up to a sitting position. Gradually place her back on the ground.
  • When your baby has neck control, you can

Toe to Ear Stretch

  • While your baby is laying on her back, gently move the right big toe toward the left ear and return it to its place. Then bring the left toe toward the right ear.


  • Encourage your child to crawl as much as possible. Install a Regalo super wide gate to allow your child to practice safely and freely.

1–2 Years Old

Head to Toe Exercise

  • Face your child and sit with the soles of your feet together. Gradually curl your body upward as your reach toward your feet. Lie back down in resting position and then repeat.

Play Games

  • Encourage your toddler to be as active as possible by playing games such as Hopscotch, leap frog, kite flying, and kick a soccer ball back and forth.

Baby exercises will give you and your baby time to bond throughout the day while making your baby stronger.

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