Baby-Proof Your Life + House Before You Bring Your Bundle Home: Part One

Your newborn baby is coming home soon, and everyone’s excited. However, is your home and life baby-proof and ready?

Don't freak out. Getting your home ready and baby-proofed isn't exactly rocket science. In other words, you need to baby-proof your home so that your child is always safe and comfortable. Baby-proofing your home can be a lot of work, but it won't be Mission Impossible. Plan ahead, and it’ll be a breeze!

Consider starting the baby-proofing process during your pregnancy. There will be plenty of time to do the necessary preparations that will make your house conducive to toddlers. Do things yourself (as long as you can do so safely!) or ask your hubby or friends for help.

First thing: make sure you are financially prepared for bringing baby home. Money is always going to be a pain point! It's nothing that you can't handle, especially since you're doing it for your little one.

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Baby-Proof your Finances

Having a new baby can lead to tricky financial situations. As a result, if you're unprepared, you could get into dire financial straits. Plan to budget for hospital bills, clothing, and childcare. Avoid falling into the expense trap many parents do (oftentimes, because we want to baby-proof our house and life). Before you know it, you could be struggling to make ends meet. No one wants that — let alone someone with a new baby!

It can be tempting to splurge on that bundle of joy-- no wonder so many parents overspend on unnecessary items! Be money-wise for the sake of the family.

Make Baby-Proofing your Finances Practical

Another thing to think about: practical tips and ideas that will actually help you baby-proof your finances. As a result, you'll be setting yourself up for better financial success. Use these ideas to transition into a less stressful financial season.

  • Hand-me-downs are something to be grateful for. Babies grow out of their clothes very quickly.
  • DIY your home’s baby-proofing. Ask family and friends to help, too. They’re just as excited as you are for the baby’s much-awaited homecoming.
  • Crib pillows? No thanks! They’re cute--that’s about it. Actually, they’re pretty much useless, and can be a cause of SIDS. Slow down on buying toys and baby shoes as well. These won't be essentials yet.
  • When you do purchase new items, look for companies with practical items at affordable prices. You can compare prices and product ratings easily on Amazon.
  • Did I mention hand-me-downs? The more, the merrier!

Remember: If you don’t consider the financial implications of bringing a baby home, you’ll quickly be in dire financial straits! I know this all too well. For our firstborn, Alexa, my husband Matt and I splurged on name-brand baby clothes, and bought an expensive crib. We even brought in a professional handyman to renovate and redecorate the house in our excitement to baby-proof it.

Long story short, we ended up spending more than what we had. Thankfully, Matt's parents bailed us out. We learned our lesson the hard way. We were more prudent in our preparations for Leslie, our second born.

Whatever financial situation you're in, avoid the same mistakes I made. If you do, you'll be in good financial shape.

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Baby Proof Their Sleep Space

While you might want to have your baby sleeping beside you, the safest place for them to sleep is actually in a crib, or bassinet. Invest in one, like Regalo's My Play Baby Portable Infant Bassinet. It ticks all the boxes of a safe place for your baby to hang out in. This bassinet is an all-in-one baby-proofed sleep space!

  • All-steel frame makes it sturdy and durable.
  • Portable, and super easy to set up! Perfect for using at home or travel.
  • Ensuring comfort and safe sleep for your baby with a firm, flat mattress,
  • Does double duty: a safe play space AND a space to nap.

If buying a crib or bassinet isn't in your budget, or if you want to keep expenses down, a good alternative is to borrow one from family or friends. Remember to make sure it's still in good condition. Trust your instincts and you'll know what's best!

What is Next For Baby- Proofing?

Preparing financially and securing your baby's sleep space, is just the start. Next we're covering cleaning, how to secure everything, and getting the rest of your life in order as you wait for baby in Part Two of how to Baby-Proof Your Life and Home. Don't worry, these next pointers are nothing you can't handle

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