Babyproofing: Don’t Forget These Areas!

It’s such a proud moment when your baby starts becoming mobile.  You probably tried to get it on video. As much as I love baby snuggles, it truly is incredible to have a front-row seat as your child grows, learns and tries new things. With that, though, comes incredible responsibility – and babyproofing. Your young child isn’t likely going to be afraid of anything in your house; he doesn’t know what is dangerous. It’s up to you to ensure that your home is a safe place for your little one to explore!

1. Electrical outlets

If you are in that stage where it’s time to start babyproofing your house, here are some areas you don’t want to miss! Some toddlers would never even think about touching an electrical outlet. It just doesn’t register as something interesting to do! Others are so curious that they will try anything, just to see what will happen. You never know which type of kid you’re going to have! I’ve had both. Believe me: secure every single outlet in your home, whether or not you think it’s necessary. It’s not worth the risk.


2. Stairs

Make sure you have baby gates at the top and bottom of your stairs! You turn your eyes for a second, and your toddler could take a tumble.

3. Secure your TV and other heavy furniture

It’s tempting to believe that your little one could not possibly be strong enough to pull over a bookshelf, but of course, they are! Toddlers love to climb and don’t want to wait for Mom or Dad to come and grab something off the top shelf. It’s not just your little one’s arms pulling on a heavy bookshelf, it is literally your child’s full body weight. PLEASE secure your furniture to the wall! Same with TVs. If you still have your flat screen sitting on a TV stand, consider selling or donating that thing and secure your TV to the wall!

4. Cabinets and Drawers

This is especially true in the kitchen and bathrooms! Medications, cleaning supplies, and other hazardous objects should always be kept in locked cabinets, or cabinets that are well out of reach of your little one.


5. Cords

Cords refer to any type of cord in your home, whether it is electrical cords or cords hanging from your window shades. Any kind of cords are a strangulation hazard and should be secured at all times. Electrical tape can be used to secure electrical cords to the wall or floor. For window shade cords, you can purchase small hooks that can be secured to the wall for wrapping cords around.

6. Pet supplies

Pet supplies should also be kept out of reach of children. Dog and cat food can be a choking hazard, and kitty litter comes with its own set of obvious (and disgusting) dangers. Pet supplies should be kept in a room that is not accessible to your child, or on the floor only under direct supervision.

7. Doors

A high lock on your outside doors is a good idea for any home, but imperative for homes that have hot tubs, pools, or other bodies of open water in the yard. Always assume that your child is capable of more than you think she is. It only takes a second for a child to unlock a door and get outside.

Start the babyproofing process early, long before your child is mobile! Children grow and develop so quickly. Blink and you’ll have a mobile infant. Make sure you’re prepared for it!

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