Bathing Two Children at the Same Time

Maybe you have been bathing your two young kiddos separately since your youngest was born. Now, you’re dying for just 15 extra minutes during your night to do something that YOU want to do! Believe me, 15 extra minutes is no small deal. Fifteen minutes can be a game-changer for your sanity.

I know, I know, it feels scary to think about bathing two children at the same time. You only have two hands, after all. But it can be done, and done with gusto! And then you might even have time to read a non-children’s book before you doze off tonight.

First and foremost, never leave your children unattended in the bathtub!

I know that this should go without saying, but as a busy mama, I know how easy it is to just turn your back on your kiddos for a second. Your phone rings, the oven timer dings, you’ve forgotten a towel. Whatever the reason, resist the temptation! We’d all love to believe that the unthinkable will never happen to us, but accidents do not discriminate. Always keep your eyes on your kiddos in the tub.

Prepare everything you need ahead of time.

This goes hand in hand with not leaving your children unattended in the tub, but make sure you are ready when your kiddos actually enter into the tub. Have your towels, washcloths, soap, toys, etc. next to the bathtub before you put either of your children in.

Fill the tub completely before you put your children in, but again make sure that you don’t leave the bathroom for even a second! Even if you tested the running water, the temperature may still change suddenly, or one child may bump the temperature handles. Make sure you test the bath water before your kids hop in.

Oldest child goes in first, and comes out last!

When bathing two children at the same time, make sure your oldest child goes in first and out last! This way, your infant is never in the tub while you are distracted with a toddler. And let’s face it: toddlers are ALLLL kinds of distracting. Put your toddler in, followed by your infant, and let them splash for a bit! If your kids are anything like mine, the older one is a HUGE entertainment to the younger. Bathtime always works better when the kiddos are happy and having fun. When playtime is over, wash your baby and take him out before washing your toddler.

When used correctly, baby bath products can be your friends.

Every kiddo loves bath toys, paints, etc. Anything that can safely be used for fun in the tub is a win! Non-stick tub decals are a must. Bathtubs are slippery, and young children aren’t known for their coordination. Make sure there is a type of adhesive on the bottom of your tub to help prevent falls. Use a bath safety handrail to help your older child in and out of the tub, especially if you are taking care of the younger child.

Finally, some mamas choose to put a baby bathtub inside of the large bathtub to bathe both kiddos. This can be done safely if you keep your hands on your infant and closely monitor the water levels. Other mamas utilize a bath chair for infants who cannot yet sit up well. While they can be helpful, please keep in mind that such chairs are NOT designed to prevent drowning, and may actually tip over, trapping your child underwater.

Good luck, mama! I hope after bathing two children at the same time, you get some extra time to yourself tonight!

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