Bath Time Baby Sensory Activities to Encourage Language Development

Everything around your child is new, and she is constantly processing and learning. Sensory activities help babies make connections to what they are exploring when parents or caregivers describe objects. Bath time can be an especially fun place for your little one to have new sensory experiences. When you use words like cold, hot, bumpy, and smooth, your child will better understand the meaning of these words and experience cognitive growth. Your baby learns by absorbing information through her five senses: sight, taste, touch, sound, and smell. We put together 3 bath time sensory activities for your baby to try while getting clean in the tub.

1. Noodle Bath

  • Cut 3–4 pool noodles into round circle shapes with a knife.
  • Fill the tub with water and place the noodles in the water.
  • Name the different colors. Talk about the bumpy texture. Or stack the circular noodle pieces on top of one another to make patterns.

2. Colored Ice

  • Fill an ice cube tray with colored water and freeze. You can use food coloring, or use natural coloring such as strawberry puree, blueberry puree, and cranberry juice.
  • Place the ice cubes in the bathtub, and let your child investigate. You can name the colors as well as describe how the colored cube is “cold.”
  • Additionally, this sensory activity is great for their fine motor development and hand-eye coordination as they reach for the melting cubes.

3. Water Pouring

  • Fill a small cup with bath water and pour it into the water.
  • Let your child explore the sights and sounds of the water pouring out. As they put their hand out, pour water onto their hand, or onto their toes.
  • Talk about the tickling sensation your baby feels or the whooshing noises she hears.

Talking with your child about what they are experiencing through their five senses will help them develop their language skills. Bath time, although a necessary chore, can also be fun and part of the learning process for your baby!

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