Easy Family Dinner: Veggie Packed Crockpot Spaghetti

I dream about coming home from work with nothing on the agenda for the rest of the evening. But I have kids, so this is NOT reality.

An easy family dinner and a buttoned-up bedtime routine keep the chaos in check on a nightly basis.

There was a time, before kids, where I would spend hours cooking dinner. I would then, eat the entire meal – while it was still warm! Kids change your life, including your meals.

The slow cooker becomes your best friend for providing a wholesome, easy family dinner. Spaghetti is always a favorite at our house. There is just something about a rich red sauce, coating every noodle that brings comfort to the soul.

This crockpot spaghetti is seriously a set it and forget it meal. The ground beef is the only item needing to be cooked before throwing into the crockpot.

Because our kids normally turn up their noses when we put vegetables on their plate, we try our hardest to hide vegetables in as many meals as possible. Although a subtle addition, we have hidden both carrots and zucchini in the sauce – and our kids haven’t noticed it yet!

This easy spaghetti makes a lot of servings, which is great for leftovers. We have even frozen a portion and thawed for later use.

To stretch the meal even further, I like to make a side salad and garlic bread. Our kids won’t eat lettuce, but my husband and I appreciate the extra healthy greens. Our kids DO eat the garlic bread. On a night when an easy family dinner is needed, this crockpot spaghetti can be your go-to.

Easy Family Dinner

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