Making Life Easier with Your Mobile Baby

Just when you were starting to feel confident in parenting during the infancy stage: BAM! You find yourself with a mobile baby. Maybe he began crawling, or maybe she went from scooting straight to walking. My cousin’s baby walked at nine months, and to that, I say, “NO.” Just no.

We can all agree that life gets harder when you have a mobile baby. Gone are the days that you can leave him happily on a playmat and use the bathroom quickly. You literally cannot take your eyes off your child. For a second.

Below are a few things that made our lives easier with a mobile baby.

1. Baby-proof your entire house BEFORE your baby is mobile.

I’m talking outlet covers, baby gates on the stairs, latches on the cabinets, and heavy furniture secured to the wall. The works. Knowing that you have already addressed the safety hazards at home will provide tremendous peace of mind when your sweet baby starts getting herself around! Also, there won’t be anything for her to get into.


2. Invest in a play yard!

Let’s face it: you’re a mama, and you’re still going to have to use the bathroom sometimes. It’s not terribly realistic to think that you just will never take your eyes off your kiddo. We’re not perfect humans, and we all get distracted-especially if there’s more than one kiddo at home! Find a play yard that is big enough to explore in, yet small enough to fit within a space of your home.  Sure, you have a crib to contain your baby, but placing your child in a crib for a few moments when it’s not time to sleep may disrupt their sleep routine. Play yards are for play. Cribs are for sleep.


3. Be in the habit of keeping things off the floor.

Maybe this means the dog food can only be out certain times of the day. Perhaps you need to find a new home for the cat’s litter box. Definitely ensure that cords from window shades and blinds are out of reach! Again, getting into this habit BEFORE your baby is mobile will make it so much easier to keep your baby safe AFTER he is mobile.

Good luck, mama! You’ve got this! What would you add to this list?? Comment below!

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