Perfect Travel Snacks for Your Toddler on Your Next Getaway

Here’s the scenario: It’s two days before you leave, on vacation or a weekend getaway. You’re frantically making lists trying to figure out clothes for the family, your itinerary, and finalize accommodations.

Your toddler is putting everything in their mouth and rifling through the house you just cleaned. Then you realize, you don’t have any snacks ready for this road trip. Panic has officially set in.

Since we know it’s hard enough planning and packing for a trip when you have a toddler running around, we have put together a list of easy and healthy travel snacks that will keep your toddler happy (and not destroy your car).

Snack Necklace (above)

Not only does this provide a snack for your toddler, it also provides entertainment! And on a road trip, self-guided entertainment is a godsend. The road trip snack necklace provides plenty of options for different snacks (pretty much anything that can be put on a string – Cheerios, Fruit Loops, Pretzels, Lifesaver Gummies, Dried Fruit etc.

One tip is to tie a toothpick or crochet needle to the end for easier stringing.


Carrot Curl Chips

It’s a lot easier to get your kiddo to eat vegetables if they look good. And taste good. To get them to eat veggies on a road trip is even more of a challenge, that’s why these Carrot Curl Chips are so lovely.

Plus, they are super easy to make, they have a long cooking time, but to throw them together only takes minutes. So when you have a few free minutes, get these bad boys in the oven and get to checking off all the other items on your list while they bake.


PB & J Sushi

Kids love Peanut Butter & Jelly sandwiches (and this big kid loves PB & J’s too) but trying to coordinate your toddler eating a full sandwich in the car, seems nearly impossible.

That’s why these peanut butter and jelly sushi rolls are the perfect type of travel snacks for your toddler. The sandwiches are super adorable – and you can tell people your child is far more advanced and eats sushi.


Roasted Root Vegetable “Candy”

Ok, it’s not really candy but the natural sweetness of roasted root vegetables is delicious. So good that toddlers will eat it up. And it is super easy finger food that can be eaten fresh out of the oven or stored for a few days.

There are many options for root veggies, so choose the ones you like or your toddler may enjoy, sprinkle with a little olive oil and salt pepper and get roasting. One tip is to dice them fairly small, it makes it easier for little hands to grab and for them to chew.


Peanut Butter Banana Cookies

No travel is complete without scrumptious sweets. These peanut butter banana cookies not only are super easy to make (3 ingredients) but they are healthy.

Sure to be devoured by your little one, these cookies actually keep their form well. This really helps to avoid all those crumbs lodged in your child’s car seat.


Now that you have some great options for travel snacks, you can tackle that massive pile of laundry before it’s time to leave on your trip.

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