Which Potty Chair Should I Use?

I know, I know...you might be asking yourself whether it really matters which type of potty chair you use to potty-train your toddler. The answer? Maybe. Let’s face it: if you’re potty-training your toddler, you’ll probably use whatever potty chair your kiddo will sit on without throwing a fit. Then again, if your child is already excited to use a potty, you might be able to be a little bit pickier.

Here are some factors to consider:

1. Your child’s preferences

Is your child afraid to sit on a big toilet? When you’re two or three years old, a toilet can look awfully intimidating. It’s bigger than you are, it’s loud, and the reality is that it’s easy for a small child to fall in. If so, it’s best to consider using a potty chair that sits on the floor, with a removable cup to dispose of waste.

Is your child motivated by familiar characters? You can buy stickers to go on a potty chair with pretty much any character on it that your child is into. Elmo? Always a classic. Dora? No problem. Daniel Tiger? Done. Some of these characters also offer TV/movie episodes that are effective in conjunction with stickers for a potty chair. Daniel Tiger has a great potty episode (singing the song in my head now), and kids often respond well to the familiarity of watching these shows and then sitting on a matching toddler potty.

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2. Convenience

Potty chairs that rest on the floor are very convenient for a child just beginning to potty-train. You can move it around the house, so that chair is always close by when needed. This also helps your child get used to the potty chair being a part of daily life.

Conversely, though, potty seats that attach to a toilet are convenient because waste goes directly into the toilet-no clean-up for you! Just flush and walk away. I gotta say-I'm partial to potty seats. Part of the allure of getting rid of diapers is less cleaning up of bodily fluids, amiright?!?

3. Transitions as Your Child Gains Confidence

Many families choose to begin potty-training with a potty chair that sits on the floor, as it can be less intimidating to a toddler, and feet are able to rest on the floor comfortably. This allows your child to sit for longer periods of time as they gain awareness of the need to use the toilet. Feet on the floor also help young children have more leverage to push out bowel movements.

Eventually, though, your child should be comfortable using an actual toilet. You don’t want your 6-year-old sitting on a potty chair, and eventually, you’re going to leave the house and need to use a public bathroom. This is where potty seats come in handy! An all-in-one potty chair and seat combo is very helpful during the transition and saves you from having to purchase multiple different products. Good luck, mama – you got this!

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