Tips & Tricks from a Working Mom

As working moms, we can put a lot of pressure on ourselves to be perfect. But there’s no such thing as perfect, especially when it comes to parenting. We’re all out here just doing the best we can but if you’re looking for ways to make that work life balance a little easier check out these tips below!

Plan Ahead
Turn the morning rush into just the morning. Plan your next day as much as you can the night before. Pack lunches, pick out clothes, pack backpacks and bags. This way there’s less of a chance you’ll forget anything as you’re rushing out the door!

Mom Cutting Strawberries and Cheese while Toddler Watches from Baby Basics High Chair

Meal Prep
Plan all of your meals for the week at once so you only have to go grocery shopping one day. Save yourself some extra time in the future by doubling up recipes and freezing one portion for later! Have a really busy evening? Plan for takeout that night!

Family Sitting Around in Living Room Watching a Movie

Schedule Out Your Time
With so many things on your plate it can get a little overwhelming, that’s why it’s important to make time and take time for everyone in your life.

  • Set time aside for family, whether that’s weekly traditions or a fun family day on the weekend.
  • Make time for you and your partner. Get a babysitter for a few hours and head out to dinner, run to the store, just a little time for the two of you.
  • Most importantly, make some time for you. You can’t be the best for your family, friends, or coworkers if you’re not your best self. Set aside a few hours each week to relax and recuperate on your own. Go to the gym, join a class, read a book, whatever fits for you.

Do you have any great tips for working moms? Share them with us!

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