11 Things to Do Before Your Baby Can Crawl

The time between coming home from the hospital with a newborn and having a baby that is crawling goes at lightning fast speed! Before we can even figure out the newborn sleep cycle, babies are off to the next stage: Mobility.

Once your baby can crawl, you will want to make sure to have these tasks crossed off your list of things to baby-proof.

Use door holders to protect baby’s fingers

Once a baby can crawl, it doesn’t take long to figure out the opening and closing of doors.

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Unfortunately, they have not yet learned to move their fingers when pushing a door shut. Protect their little fingers from getting shut in the door.

Set up secure gates at your stairs

Stairs present a great danger to crawling babies. A baby safety gate will be a permanent way to prevent falls down the stairs. Make sure you use one that is hardware mounted.

Don’t place your baby on beds and furniture

When babies are not able to roll over, it becomes second-nature to place them on a higher surface. Once they become more mobile, we recommend finding a safe place on the floor to put them. Inside a portable play yard or other activity baby center.

Cut off or tie up dangling cords on drapes and blinds

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Babies can easily tug and pull at long strings. Avoid the temptation by keeping them up high.

Move all cleaning products and sharp objects to top shelfs

We also recommend that you use cabinet locks to keep all your objects stowed away.

Secure dressers and large TVs to the wall.

Babies are inclined to pull themselves up on objects. Make sure you have furniture secured to the wall.

Place a soft cover over the bath spout.

Babies don’t yet understand that moving in water isn’t the same as crawling on carpet. Protect their precious heads with a soft spout cover in case they fall.

Have a hanger for your purse and guests’ purses so they aren’t left on the floor for babies to easily access.

Often babies will find medicine or other non-safe objects in purses. If you get in the habit of storing your purse high, your little one won’t be tempted to find your loose change or other treasures.

Cover all electrical outlets with plugs.

Children are often enthralled with holes and will try to stick anything they can find into them. Set the electrical plug covers early so they never even have to know what’s behind them!

Drop the crib mattress to its lowest position.

Babies with their newfound freedom of mobility often will try to get more freedom. Curb your escape artist, by putting their mattress as low as it can go.

Create a contained and safe space for your child to play.

If you’re going to be distracted with an important work email or a meaningful conversation with a friend, it’s vital to put your mobile baby in a safe area.

Find a breathable and mesh portable play yard that will enclose your baby while giving him space to crawl and move around.

It is never too early to begin the baby proofing process. Unfortunately, it is more common to wait until your baby can crawl to get the house buttoned up.

We recommend doing these things as soon as your baby is mobile, i.e., rolling over, if not earlier.

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