3 Fun & Easy Fall Crafts You Can Do with Your Toddler

The crisp autumn air and changing leaves signal that fall is here! For parents of toddlers, fall brings plenty of opportunities for seasonal crafts that celebrate the colors and themes of the season. Check out these three fun and easy fall-themed crafts that toddlers will love!


Fall Leaf Rubbings

What you need: fall leaves, blank paper, crayons, tape (optional)

Fall leaf rubbings are a classic autumn art activity! Go for a family walk to collect your fallen fall leaves. Bring them home and take out your crayons. Simply place your leaves under a blank sheet of paper - pro tip: tape your leaves down to the table so they don't move around! Let your toddler rub crayons over them to make beautiful leaf prints. This activity helps develop fine motor skills and allows your little one to explore the unique shapes and veins of autumn leaves. 

Mom and Toddler on Fall Walk Playing in the Leaves


Apple Painting

What you need: apples, blank paper, tempera paint

Slice your apples in half and let your toddler dip the cut side into tempera paint and then press onto a blank piece of paper. This is a great way to work on fine motor skills while making a beautiful autumn art piece!

Dad and Toddler Painting with Apple Stamps


Handprint Trees 

What you need: blank paper, brown crayon or marker, tempera paint, paint brushes

Help your toddler draw a tree trunk and branches with a brown crayon or marker on your blank piece of paper. Then let your toddler use the paint brush to paint their hand. Help them place their hand over the branches and press down on their hand to reveal their hand print leaf! Repeat the process as many times as needed. This activity explores color mixing while teaching your toddler about the seasons.

Toddler Dipping Paint Brush into Paint 

BONUS CRAFT!! - Pumpkin Spice Play Dough 

What you need: flour, salt, alum, pumpkin spice, water, oil, food coloring

Make this simple recipe with your toddler for a fun fall activity - best part your can play with it over and over again! Check out our simple recipe for Pumpkin Spice Play Dough below! 


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