5 Easy and Delicious Baby Food Purées

Do you make a lot of homemade baby food purées for your little one? One of our favorite Instagram accounts @lunchesandlittles makes excellent meals for her three kids, including a handful of delicious baby purees.

With her first child, she used a lot of store bought baby food because making baby food sounded too complicated. But she's the first to tell you that she was wrong!

Benefits of Homemade Baby Food Purées

Making homemade baby food is not only really easy, it also allows you to know exactly what you are feeding your babe.

Making baby purées is actually less expensive than buying individual baby food jars from the store. Plus, it gets your tiniest family member eating nutritious foods like rest of the family.

Vegetable Medley Purée

This purée has SO much goodness in every single spoonful. And it’s easy to make!

[ultimate-recipe id="850" template="default"]

Corn, Strawberry and Banana Purée

It's a bit of an unexpected combination, but you will be surprised when your babe gobbles up the delicious pairing.

[ultimate-recipe id="859" template="default"]

Roasted Pear and Apple Purée

Roasting the pears add a kick of flavor and delicious goodness to this baby food puree.

[ultimate-recipe id="868" template="default"]

Carrot, Banana and Orange Purée

A perfect way to sneak a serving of vegetables into your baby's puree for the day.

[ultimate-recipe id="872" template="default"]

Berry-Vanilla Nice Cream

A baby, toddler and parent approved healthy treat! This healthy treat always go fast.

[ultimate-recipe id="876" template="default"]
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