5 Ways to Show Gratitude for Teachers this Teacher Appreciation Week

Teacher Appreciation Week is coming up May 1-5! Teachers care for our children between 30-35 hours a week, and believe me when I tell you that they desperately want your child to succeed. They stay up late trying to think of ways to make lessons “click” better with your child. They lay awake wondering if there’s a seating chart that might facilitate a new friendship that your child needs. In just the past month, there’s a good chance your child’s teacher has broken up one or more fights, been thrown up on, tied a million shoes, dried tears, and cried tears of her own. 

Your child’s teacher loves your child fiercely – imperfectly, maybe, but fiercely. Just like us mamas.

Being a teacher today is harder than it used to be – and it’s only getting harder. If you appreciate your child’s teacher, I’d encourage you to let him or her know this Teacher Appreciation Week! It doesn’t have to break the bank, just let your child’s teacher know that you appreciate their investment in your kiddo this school year.


Here are 5 ways to show gratitude to your child’s teacher this year:

1. A handwritten note or book from you and your child. Be specific. What have you noticed in your child this year? What have you seen your teacher do? Thoughtful words are so meaningful, and your child’s teacher can save them and go back and read them on harder days. This year, I found this book that my youngest son and I are working on for his teacher. It’s only 15 or so pages, and each page requires answering only one short question. You truly don’t have to spend a lot (or at all!) to let your child’s teacher know that you see and appreciate what they have done for your child.

Girl writing note 


2. Drop off one of your teacher’s favorite snacks or beverages each day of the week! Many schools have a “Favorites List” for each teacher that can help guide your choices! Favorite beverage is Diet Coke? No problem. Favorite snack is trail mix? Done. Favorite cookie is chocolate chip? Bake a batch – your kids will thank you, too! For only $1-$2 a day, you can get your child’s teacher a treat every day.

Student handing teacher an apple


3. Gift cards! I know, I know, as the gift-giver, this might feel like an impersonal gift. But as the gift-receiver, how much do you love them?! You know who else loves them? Teachers! Gift cards to their favorite coffee shop so they can swing through before school, or their favorite restaurants to grab takeout on their way home are HUGELY appreciated. I also love to research places that offer teacher discounts on certain days (or every day!) and purchase gift cards to those stores and vendors. Make your teacher’s money stretch even further! J. Crew, Barnes & Noble, and Rothy’s are just a few that I often consider.

Student handing teacher a gift


4. School supplies. Especially if your kids are in public school, your child’s teacher likely spends between $500-$1000 of his or her own money to purchase supplies for the classroom. Special gel pens, Sharpies, whiteboard markers, classroom books, hand sanitizer – all of these are much-appreciated gifts. Grab a cute little basket, stuff it full of school supplies, and make a cute tag to deliver to your child’s teacher.

Students smiling in classroom  

5. Comfy blanket. Cozy, soft blankets make everything better. Enough said.


I know you’re busy, mama. And I know May is the busiest month of the year. A friend and I refer to it as “Maycember,” the December of springtime. You have spring plays and graduations to attend, all the projects to supervise, and a whole lot more. But don’t forget to let your children’s teachers know how much you appreciate them this Teacher Appreciation Week. Your kind words will have a greater impact than you know.

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