7 Tried and True Bath Safety Tips for Toddlers

Bath time is necessary for your little one, but why not make it fun and stress free? Whether it’s part of your bedtime routine, or an activity to break up your day, you can have a great bonding experience with your child.

First and foremost, one of the most important bath safety tips is to provide constant supervision by an adult while your toddler is bathing. With 43,000 children injured in slips and falls in bathtubs each year in the United States, there are real risks in a slippery tub. .

Children are also at risk of drowning in even a few inches of water or getting burns from hot water temperatures.

Make bath time less stressful by following these seven bath safety tips for toddlers to keep them protected in the tub:


1. Test the Water Temperature

Before putting your child into the tub, test the temperature of the bath water by dipping your elbow in.

If your elbow feels sensitive to the water, it most likely is too warm for your baby’s sensitive skin. Also, make sure the water heater setting is not set above 120 degrees.


2. Watch Your Child Around the Faucet

Many children love to play with running water, but they are prone to fall and hit their head in a slippery tub. It’s important to add some padding and cover the sharp edges of the faucet.


3. Don’t Use Bubbles for Each Bath

Too many bubbles at bath time can cause skin irritation. If you give your child a bath every night, try using soap every other night to avoid your child’s skin from drying out.

Baby Sitting in Grow with Me Infant Bath Tub

4. Use Waterproof Electronics Around the Bathtub

Add some fun with background music. Use waterproof electronic devices and dance along with your little one seated in the tub.


5. Curb the Standing In The Tub

It’s unfortunate that children love standing in the bath tub. As parents, our heart rate rises as we watch them pull themselves up and stand.

Our Baby Basics Bath Seat helps keep your little one seated during bath time while still providing plenty of place to play. 

Also, place a non-slip bath mat in the tub before filling it with water to give them a stable footing.

If you place toys in the bottom of the tub, it will encourage your toddler to play while sitting.

Baby Playing in the Bathtub while Sitting in the Baby Basics Bath Seat

6. Use the Right Amount of Bath Water

Filling the tub with too much water puts your baby at a great risk. We recommend that you fill the bath with water no higher than your baby’s belly button. 


7. Use Gentle Shampoo and Soap on Your Baby's Skin

It’s important to use gentle shampoo and soap on your baby. Many soaps are not intended for young children’s sensitive skin.

You’ll be amazed at how a little amount of soap can go a long way, so even if you’re spending a few extra dollars, you can get good use from it if you use it sparingly.

We hope you found a few of these bath safety tips helpful for the next time your toddler is in the tub."

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