Best Tips to Keep a Toddler in Bed

As a mom, I worry. All the time. About everything. If you are not an overly anxious mom, more power to you. I wish I had more of you in me! But keeping little ones alive and otherwise safe generally has me a little uptight. One thing I worry about is how to keep a toddler in bed during the night! Even the best and most attentive moms don’t always know what their children are capable of. I recently had a friend tell me a story about her preschooler being brought home by a police officer in the early hours of the morning after opening the garage door! Thankfully, this child appears to only have been outside a few minutes, but you never know what could happen.

As a result, I keep my kiddos in a crib as long as possible. Until they are climbing out on a regular basis, or express a genuine desire to have a “big kid” bed, I see no reason to take them out of a crib! A contained toddler is a safe toddler!

Give them options

Once we do transition to a “big kid” bed, we allow our child as much say as possible in terms of their bed and bedding. A child who has chosen his bedding himself is much more likely to be excited to be in it!

We always felt better using a bed rail or bed bumper - at least until we were confident our child wouldn't fall out of bed every night. It was also a great barrier to keep them in bed. More freedom than a crib, but still feels a little like more of an enclosed space.


Use a clock and conversation

This is also the time that we like to introduce a clock that changes color when it’s time to get up. Keep in mind that these clocks don’t work for every kid, but they certainly work for some! When our children are in a “big kid” bed for the first time, we have a conversation about staying in bed all night. We explain that this is for their own safety and that if they need mom or dad, they can just call out to us, as we will hear them on the baby monitor. When it’s time to get up, the clock will change color to green.

Keep that bedtime routine

To keep a toddler in bed, consistency is key! Stick to the bedtime routine that you’ve already established as closely as you can. Even if your child’s bed has changed, the bedtime routine shouldn’t! Routines help children feel secure and know what to expect. This is especially helpful if your child was already sleeping all night in a crib.


Make nighttime waking’s boring

Similarly, if your kiddo gets up, calmly and rationally take them back to their own bed. Consistently. The calmer and more boring you can be, the better! Don’t say much other than, “I love you” and “It’s time to sleep now.” You might have to do this several times a night at first, but after a few nights, it will only be one or two. Although it’s easier in the short-term to let your child crawl into your bed, it makes your sleep pattern more difficult in the long-term!

Have it all available

Finally, our tip we use the most to keep a toddler in bed - have everything your child needs right there by his bed. Any lovies, blankies, stuffed animals that they prefer should be easily accessible. Same with a cup of water and a nightlight. Whatever your child might ask you for in the night-have it right next to them.

What has worked for you to help your young kiddos stay in bed all night?

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