How to Get Your Kids Involved In Spring Cleaning: Child-Friendly Chores

Spring is in the air! With the windows open and flowers blooming, you too might feel the urge to start a deep dive into cleaning your home. But, if you have kids at home, you’re going to need to keep them busy with you! If you don’t, those sweet little angels are liable to be right behind you, making more messes.

Not only that, but identifying age-appropriate chores and involving your kiddos in housework is also a great way to teach responsibility! Are they going to love it? Probably not. Are they going to whine and complain? Most likely. But you know what? That’s okay. I’m an adult and I still complain about doing dishes and laundry. I don’t enjoy those chores. They still have to get done.

If you’re also in a spring-purging mood, that’s something all children can help you with! Go into each child’s room with him, and ask him to show you what clothes don’t fit and which toys he no longer plays with. Identify people that you know or non-profits in your area that may benefit from the items in good condition that you no longer need. Take your child with you to drop off those items, and start discussions about families that may not have enough of the things they need. This is a great way to start cultivating a love of serving others within your family.

Here are additional ideas for age-appropriate chores for children:


Toddlers will obviously need supervision to do most any chore, so make sure you’re close by. But toddlers are capable of helping out, too! Do your best to let go of things getting done “your way”, and simply praise your child for helping out. When your toddler is done with his or her chores, they may enjoy copying you – in their own toy kitchen, or following behind with their toy vacuum cleaner (thanks, Melissa & Doug)! Here are a few ideas of chores toddlers can do:
• Pick up toys
• Put clothes in laundry basket
• Feed a pet
• Dust – either with a Swiffer or a sock on their hands

Toddler Sweeping Up Beans



Preschoolers may need a bit less supervision, but still should not be left unattended. Your preschooler is capable of a lot – as long as you give them clear, specific instructions! Here are some suggestions for chores for preschoolers (along with the above toddler chores):
• Make their bed
• Set the dinner table with napkins and forks
• Clear the dinner table
• Empty small trash cans (in bedrooms and bathrooms)
• Use a handheld vacuum to pick up crumbs (or dog hair!)

Preschooler wiping down table


6-7 year-olds:

As your child heads off to school, he or she is gaining independence every day! My 7-year-old blows me away with the things that he knows, says, and does. Their minds are sponges, and they are truly capable of so much. Little world-changers, those 6 and 7 year-olds. Chore ideas for 6-7 year-olds include:
• Sort laundry
• Sweep floors
• Help pack their lunches
• Weed the garden

Mom and daughters dancing and cleaning in living room

8-9 year olds:

8-9 year-olds can often do homework on their own; they can absolutely do more advanced chores! 8-9 year-olds can typically:
• Load a dishwasher
• Put away groceries
• Vacuum
• Help make meals
• Mop the floor
• Put away their clean laundry

Boy washing windows

10 year-olds and up:

Only one of my children is still under 10, and man, this parenting gig has definitely gotten easier in some ways. (Harder in others, of course, but you win some, you lose some). I overslept the other day after a terrible bout of insomnia and found my 10-year-old in the kitchen, making himself toast for breakfast. I honestly had no idea he could do that. But he totally can. It gave me hope that maybe I’m not completely screwing up my kids. Have you ever heard that saying, “Behind every great kid is a mom convinced that she’s screwing everything up?” That’s me. If that’s you, too, solidarity, sister – I feel you. Here are some other chores your 10+ year-old can most likely do, even if you didn’t realize it:
• Unload the dishwasher
• Wash windows
• Walk a pet
• Change their bedsheets
• Make simple meals

Kids putting away laundry

Happy spring! How do you involve your kids in housekeeping?!

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