How to Introduce Your Pet to Your Newborn

Bringing your baby home for the first time is so exciting don’t let introducing them to your fur babies add any unnecessary stress. Check out these helpful tips for getting the WHOLE family to welcome your new baby home. 

1. Prepare your pet in advance. Spend extra time with your pet before the baby arrives so they get used to the changes. Let them get accustomed to baby items like strollers, cribs, etc.

2. Make introductions slow and gentle. When first introducing the pet to the baby, have someone else hold the baby while you greet the pet calmly. Let the pet sniff the baby from a distance first. Praise and reward the pet for calm, gentle behavior.

3. Never leave the pet and baby unattended. Supervise all interactions, even if your pet seems very gentle. Babies and pets should never be left alone together.

4. Teach your pet basic commands like "leave it" or "off" in case you need to interrupt unwanted behaviors around the baby.

5. Set up a safe, comfortable space for your pet away from the baby, with their own bed, toys, and food/water. This gives them a place to retreat if needed.

6. Be patient and go slow. It can take time for pets to adjust to a new baby. Provide extra attention and reassurance to your pet during this transition.

The key is to introduce pets gradually, maintain control, and never compromise the baby's safety. With proper preparation and supervision, pets and babies can learn to happily coexist.

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