New Parent Holiday Gift Guide

The holiday season with a new baby can be magical but also very overwhelming. This holiday season you may be wondering - what is a practical and helpful gift I can give new parents? To help make your shopping easier, here is a New Parent Holiday Gift Guide with recommendations tailored for parents and their new little bundle of joy!


What to get for Baby:

  • Give the Gift of Sweet Dreams

An infant bassinet is a simple and easy gift all new parents can appreciate. The My Crib Portable Bassinet is lightweight, portable, and easy to set up.


Baby In My Crib


  • Items You Can Never Have Enough Of

Think about necessities for newborns and infants. Handy items include extra burp cloths, diaper cream, baby wipes, diapers. Multiples of essentials get used up quickly!

  • Entertaining Baby

A baby play mat is a great gift for new babies! It stimulates their minds and helps with their developing vision. The Baby Basics Foldable Infant Play Mat is a great option for at home or on the go!


Baby On Baby Basics Foldable Infant Play Mat


What to get for the Parents:


New Parents Holding Up Their Baby


  • Food Delivery Gift Card

Whether it’s a grocery delivery service or for their favorite restaurant, new parents would appreciate the gift of not cooking dinner!

  • New Parent Survival Kit

Put together a little care package of useful products just for mom and dad. Include essentials like hand sanitizer, easy to grab snacks, coffee, a cozy blanket, streaming service gift card, or some of their favorite things.

  • Help Make Life Easier

New parents always appreciate practical gifts that make daily tasks a little smoother. Consider pre-made meals they can heat and eat with one hand, a house cleaning service gift card, lawn mowing/snow removal service. Every little bit helps reduce their daily load.


I hope this spark some ideas on unique but practical gifts for new parents and their precious little ones this holiday season. Share your favorite new parent friendly gift ideas in the comments!

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