Tips for the Perfect Family Holiday Photo

Let’s be real, we’ve all struggled to get the picture-perfect family photo. It always seems like something is bound to go wrong, that’s why this year we’re getting ahead of the chaos! Try out these tips this year for the perfect family holiday photo.


Baby Wearing a Santa Hat

Plan Ahead

  • Choose an interesting, festive backdrop. This could be in front of a Christmas tree, by a fireplace with stockings hung up, or even outdoors with winter scenery.
  • Coordinate your outfits, but don't overmatch. Go for a cohesive color scheme and style that fits the vibe you want. Solid colors tend to photograph better than busy patterns or prints.
  • Keep it casual and comfortable. Avoid stiff poses or clothes that restrict movement. The more natural you look the better. Consider having everyone wear their favorite holiday sweaters or pajamas to capture a relaxing family moment.

Boy on My Cot with Canopy Looking at Christmas Cookies

Come Prepared

  • Bring plenty of snacks! No one is ever fun to work with when they’re hangry, especially toddlers! Pack a bag of snacks and treats that are easy to grab and not too messy.
  • If you are headed outside into the winter wonderland, remember to pack hats, coats, blankets, and other items to keep you and your little ones warm. You can even incorporate this into your planned outfits!


Mom and Kids on the Inflatable Toddler Beds

Picture Time

  • Get a variety of pictures. Take both formal portraits looking at the camera, and candid shots of the family chatting, laughing, and enjoying the holiday spirit. Mixing it up will give you more options to choose from and let everyone relax a bit.
  • Embrace imperfections and let your family's real personality show. Don't stress over every detail being flawless. A few silly moments or smiles with some visible braces and wrinkles make for authentic photos.


The goal is to have fun and take photos that reflect the relationships and warmth of your family. Focus more on connecting with each other rather than posing perfectly! What are your best tips for taking pictures with the whole family?

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